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I am inspired to create these journeys as many enjoy the meditations channelled through me during group and individual sessions.  They are a beneficial aid to provide a continuation of a sense of serenity, and can be used in your own space of relaxation.  There is no background music, just the sound of my spoken voice, which leads you on an individual, magnificent and magical journey. Every word is positive, calming, yet empowering and they help invite these qualities to manifest in your life.  Enjoy!

Download the CD in .mp3 format to your PC now for 3.00.

Free podcast of our "Global Peace Prayer"

Unicorn Soujourn

Archangel Raphael Rainbow Gems


All love,Vanessa xx

  FREE podcast of our Global Peace Prayer


It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please give me a call to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...

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