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Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop

Have you ever thought about the concept that your home is a mirror of your life?
We fill our homes with artwork, ornaments and items that we collect as we go through life, and they often reflect who we are and where we've been, as opposed to who we want to be and where we truly want to go to!
Begin to understand how your home is a mirror of your life and how your choice of artwork reflects your circumstances.
Understand how to use this pattern of energy to it's fullest potential to benefit your future.
Work with this concept to enable you to have a life review and re-style and jump start your life.
A day to realise how you can create a nurturing sanctuary within your home, to help support you as you work towards your dreams and goals. Learn how to bring your life into total balance and harmony and embrace a future of opportunity and unlimited potential.
Embrace the gift of a new pair of eyes and be in love with life!

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