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Are You Loving Yourself Enough Workshop

Everyday of our lives we experience a level of love and care in all our relationships on every level of existence at work, rest and play.  This day promises to be a very full, playful, experiential and inter-active day of great love and gentleness.  It will provide a treasure of gifts for you to share with those you care most about and others around you, as we move into a united future of love and opportunity.  We will talk about:
  • Love and relationships starting with the SELF, our partners, our family members and everyone in our circle of life 
  • The use of positive language in support of our sub-conscious mind and each other's needs as we focus on enhancing our communication skills and look openly at finding solutions to everyday situations
  • Define ways to nurture and support each other as we look at how to recognise the "Diamond" in individual relationships  
  • Experience the joys of all the senses using "Light Touch" techniques combined with all our other heightened senses
  • Share playful suggestions to sensualise those special times of gentle intimacy and anchor this understanding, and magnify the wonders of love in your life
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